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Jakkalsfontein Homeowners Association

Regulations for Contractors

 1. Working hours: Gates open at 07h30 and close 17h30 from Monday to Thursday and 07h30 to 17h00 on Fridays. Any contractor departing after the abovementioned hours without prior arrangement with the Nature Reserve Manager is subject to an automatic fine of R200.00. This fine increases incrementally by R20 for every 10 minutes late departure. (i.e. R220 for ten minutes after hours departure, R240 for 20 minutes etc.) 


2. All contractors and their staff members are required to produce their Identity Document/ Passport or valid South African workpermit (applicable to non – South African citizens) upon request at the entrance gate. Failure to do so will result in non – admission to Jakkalsfontein Nature Reserve. 


3. No contractor staff is to remain on site after working hours. 


4. No work is permitted on weekends or Public Holidays, except with the written permission of the Nature Reserve Manager. 


5. No deliveries are permitted after 16h00 from Monday to Friday. 


6. No littering of any description is permitted. 


7. Litter containers as specified below are to be provided on construction sites and used at all times. 

 All litter containers must be provided with a stable base and non-detachable lid. 

 The lid must remain closed at all times except during the filling/emptying of the litter container. 

 The minimum volumetric capacity of litter containers shall be 200 litres/0.2 cubic metres. 

 Additional litter containers are to be provided before the maximum capacity of any litter container is reached. 

 The following materials are classified as litter (plastic bags, small polystyrene sections, cardboard, paper, bottles, beverage cans, food tins, food, cigarette butts, plastic strapping, and straws). Plant material is excluded. 

 Litter placed in plastic bags can be collected on Tuesdays by reserve staff at a charge of R50:00 per month to be paid by the contractor. Contractors who want to make use of this arrangement must inform the Nature Reserve Manager before the commencement of construction activities on the particular site. 


8. A building rubble screen as specified below is to be provided within the boundary of the plot being built on. 


 The positioning of the screen is to be determined in conjunction with the Reserve Manager. 

 The screen is to be made of creaseless green shadecloth supported by upright timber posts which are to  be securely anchored into the ground. 

 The opening of this screen should face away from the road and prevailing wind direction. 

 The screen must be a minimum height of 2 metres. Upright posts should secure the inside of the screen  and be spaced not more than 3 metres apart. 

 The following materials are classified as building rubble: 


Broken concrete, -bricks, -tiles, -glass, used timber, used galvanised & corrugated iron, 2 

broken asbestos sheeting, -ceiling boards, large polystyrene sections, used paint/ varnish containers and -brushes, conduit- , pipe-, fibreglass- and electrical/telephone cable off- cuts or any other material which an estate official so designates. 

All building rubble and litter bins on the construction site must be positioned inside this screen. 

Building rubble and litter are to be removed from the construction site and be disposed at a municipal dumpsite on a regular basis. Accumulated building rubble is not to exceed the equivalent of 1 x10 metre cube truck load. 


9. The dumping or storing of any material on neighbouring stands or common land without the approval of the Nature Reserve Manager is prohibited. 


10. No building material or equipment may be stored within view from outside a homeowner’s property if no active building/ renovation work is taking place. 


11. Chemical toilets are to be located on site, emptied regularly and kept closed at all times. 


12. Contractor staff is to remain within the boundary of the construction plot. No privately owned property may be entered without the permission of the Reserve Manager. Such property/ies must be reflected on the entrance permit. 


13. Contractor staff is to wear the Jakkalsfontein identification bibs issued to them at all times. The cost of lost bibs will be recovered from the contractor. 


14. No trespassing into the veldt, dunes, beach or common areas is permitted. 


15. Eating and smoking is only permitted within the boundary of the plot being built on. 


16. No fires, except for the use of SABS approved gas equipment for heating, cooking and welding purposes are permitted. 


17. No trapping and/or killing of any animal, reptile or bird is allowed. 


18. The picking or damaging of vegetation is strictly illegal. 


19. No pets are allowed on the Reserve. 


20. No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the reserve. 


21. No private visitors to contractors (including friends and family) are permitted on the Reserve. 


22. The speed limit for light vehicles is 40kph and heavy vehicles are 20 kph. 


23. No vehicle may leave the hardened road surface, including when turning. 


24. No vehicle equipped with three axles or more (trailer axles included), may drive on any part of a privately owned driveway. 


25. Cycle and horse trails may not be used by contractor vehicles. 


26. Contractors are to submit the names of all staff and sub-contractors who are working on the reserve. An attendance register is to be kept on site. 


27. No contractor signboards may be displayed on the Reserve commonage or near the Reserve entrance gate. 


28. Behaviour that includes the use of foul language, physical or verbal threats, attempted or actual assault on the Jakkalsfontein Nature Reserve property will not be tolerated. 


29. No items discarded or donated by a homeowner may be accepted by a contractor staff member or removed from the Reserve without prior written approval of the homeowner directed to the Jakkalsfontein administration office. 


The Nature Reserve Manager and Rangers are duly authorised to levy spot fines for any breach of the above rules and regulations. 


Rule No: Fine: 

1 R200.00 + R20/ 

10 minutes 2,3,4, 5, ,7,8,9,10,11,12, 13, 14, 15,18,19,20,21, 22, 24, 25,26, 27,28 R500.00 16,17 R5 000.00 

6,29 R500.00/ item 

23 R100/ sq. m