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Jakkalsfontein Homeowners Association

Rules for Domestic Workers

1. The taxi will pick up domestic workers in Darling who have in their possession a ticket valid for that day and drop them off at the office on 07:30 Mondays to Fridays from where they will be transported by taxi/bakkie to the houses where they are employed. 

2. Domestic workers sign for their tickets at the office and return these to the office immediately after use. Tickets are individually numbered and colour coded for each day of the week. The taxi driver will check that the ticket number corresponds to the driver’s list. 

3. Domestic workers will not be permitted to travel on the taxi without a valid ticket. 

4. A fine of R5.00 is payable by the ticket holder if the ticket is not returned to the office immediately after use. Tickets are not transferrable to other persons. 

5. Domestic workers may only enter houses where they are employed. 

6. The following is strictly forbidden on the Reserve: 

  •  Unacceptable behaviour, which includes foul language, physical or verbal threats and attempted or actual assault on the Jakkalsfontein Nature Reserve and the taxi. 

  •  Littering of any description. 

  •  Trespassing into the veldt or dunes. 

  •  Fires. 

  •  Trapping and/or killing of any animal, reptile or bird. 

  •  Picking or damaging of vegetation. 

  •  Pets. 

  •  Alcohol or drugs. 

  •  Private visitors. 

7. All domestic workers are to sign on daily at the office before proceeding to the house where they are employed. 


8. All domestic workers who collect keys from the office must sign for them in the key 

register held in the office and the keys are to be returned to the office on the same day before 17:00. 


9. No domestic worker may stay overnight on the Reserve without written approval of the owner and the owner should inform the office of the intended overnight stay. 


Should anybody transgress these rules or be found guilty of a criminal offence in a court of law, he/she may be prohibited from using the taxi and/ or entering the Reserve.