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Guidelines for Guests

Welcome to the Jakkalsfontein Nature Reserve situated within the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve. Some of Southern Africa's most threatened ecosystems and species are conserved within this area.


This lowland Fynbos reserve is the home of over 500 plant, 150 bird and several mammal species, which includes steenbok, duiker, grysbok, African wild cat and caracal.


The nature reserve is managed in accordance with National, Provincial and Local legislation which includes the Cape Nature Conservation Ordinance no.19 of 



In order to make your visit to Jakkalsfontein as en- 

joyable as possible while ensuring that the values, 

needs, safety and property of others is protected, 

the Jakkalsfontein Homeowners Association re- 

quests that the following rules and guidelines are 



  1. The speed limit in this nature reserve is 40 k.p.h and 20 k.p.h in the housing clusters. 

  2. Vehicles are to remain on tarred roads and may only enter or leave the reserve at the entrance gate along the R27 opposite the Vygevallei farm stall. 

  3. Vehicles driven on the Reserve must be licensed, the drivers of vehicles must be in possession of a valid driver's license and the vehicle must be driven in accordance with the provisions of the National Road Traffic Act. 

  4. No vehicles are to be parked unattended anywhere on the Reserve, with the exception of off street parking areas designated for this purpose. 

  5. No fauna and flora including portions thereof, may be collected, destroyed, introduced or removed in/from the nature reserve without written permission of the Nature Reserve Manager.

  6. Please contact the Duty Ranger should a problem be experienced with any wild animal on the reserve. 

  7. No firearms, explosives, catapults, bows and arrows, poisons or traps are permitted in this nature reserve without the written permission of the Nature Reserve Manager. 

  8. Littering is not allowed. Please make use of the litterbins provided. 

  9. Fires may only be lit in properly constructed fireplaces situated in areas intended for this purpose such as the braai drums at the Recreation Centre. Outdoor fires may not be left unattended.

  10. Walking, jogging, horse riding and cycling are restricted to demarcated roads, cycle tracks, footpaths and firebreaks. 

  11. Access to the beach shall be via boardwalks only. No persons are allowed to enter the dune area above the high tide level. 

  12. No fishing/ angling, bait collecting or swimming is allowed in any wetland area inside the nature reserve. No guests pets may be brought into this nature reserve. 

  13. Homeowners' pets must be confined to the property owned by the homeowners. When outside this property, dogs are to be kept on a leash. 

  14. No pets are allowed in the Recreation Centre area.

  15. Appropriate footwear must be worn on the squash and tennis courts.

  16. Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult when the tennis or squash courts or swimming pool is used. 

  17. Food, drinks, glass containers, hard/wet balls, flotation devices, bicycles or skateboards are not allowed on the courts or near the swimming pool. 

  18. No activity is allowed that may disfigure or cause damage to common property and/or create a nuisance, danger or inconvenience to other residents/visitors. 

  19. Please ensure that between the hours of 23h00 and 6h00 the use of musical instruments, radios, TV's or similar equipment does not disturb your neighbours.

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